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Pacific Northwest Garden Studio
When the weather permits, this is where I can be found on many days - in my garden studio near a small bay on Puget Sound, Washington.

Being outside from early spring, through summer and into fall painting in watercolor, is one of my favorite activities. 

I spend many winter hours inside at my desk painting - so it is a treat to set up a portable outdoor studio.  My garden is a haven with all the wildflowers, bees, butterflies, hummingbirds,  songbirds, and at least once nearly every day I hear the crows cawing loudly and look up to see them chasing one of our resident bald eagles.  There is a small bay just five stone throws south of the beautiful arbor my daughter made for me (2007) in her shop class.

At Work in the Studio

Queensland, Australia
Rainforest Dreaming Studio
Beautiful Northern Queensland has such a variety of flora and fauna - the location is paradise for biologists, photographers and artists.   I spend a lot of time in the rainforest exploring the vegetation and wonderful creatures found there.  From butterflies to large flightless birds like the colorful cassowary, I am amazed by the diversity and abundance of life.  There are new discoveries each time I return to my Queensland home. 

At home in the Rainforest
North Queensland 2008 Photos by CKC and Jim McKay

Tools of the Trade

A small folding table (very handy), comfortable chair, pencil, paper, paints, paper towels, brushes and a jar with water.  When on location, I have a backpack and carry my precut paper, paint supplies then find a spot, sit comfortably - often against a tree or log and create a miniature in a beautiful natural environment.

Necessities in the garden include: A hot cup of tea (chamomile is my personal favorite) and a telephone to communicate with the world - I often paint while conversing.  Also, a crystal ball is essential for magical inspiration if I can't decide what to paint.  There are so many choices!  : )

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