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Sweet face of little fox bat (Australia)
"Baby Fox Bat First Landing" by Colleen K Carrigan (c) 2011

Here I have a selection of my mammal art.  I enjoy creating miniatures of woodland, marine and occasionally flying mammals (fur with wings!)  We often see the little rodents that inhabit our forest and in the spring, spotted fawns are present.  With a background in marine science - I have a passion for creating images of marine mammals.  All the images on this page were painted in watercolor (except "Forest Fawn" - acrylic) and are 2.5'' x 3.5'' unless noted.


Woodland Mammals

Living in a forest allows my family and me to see many woodland creatures.  Squirrels are active during the day in the oak, fir and madrona trees.  We sometimes see the secretive foxes that live in the neighborhood.  At night the raccoons come out and visit our porch - the skunks have been seen and smelled!  And the little rodents that are most active at night can be spied on occasion.  While doing some gardening  - I discovered the little baby deer mouse (below) under some oak leaves - it was sucking it's thumb!

ACEO Woodland Mammals
Images by Colleen K Carrigan 2006 - 2007

Sweet little feline
"Cougar Kitten" Colleen K Carrigan 2008

Each Spring we have fawns born in the forests.  They are seen with their protective mothers.  What a joy it is for adults and children to view these gentle creatures.  I love creating images of the delicate dappled fur and lovely large expressive eyes.

ACEO Fawns
Originals of these images have all SOLD.

Enjoying a sunny afternoon
"Fawn 'n' Butterfly" 3.5'' x 5.0'' Colleen K Carrigan 2008

Forest friends
"Fawn 'n' Bunny" Colleen K Carrigan 2008

Marine Mammals
Having studied marine life for many years gives me a special fondness for the mammals that reside in the oceans.  On Memorial Day 2007, my family was delighted to see a healthy young gray whale feeding on herring in a small bay of Puget Sound near where we live.  To view orcas, we visit the San Juan Islands, WA.  The resident pods are seen daily as they cruise the west side of the islands for salmon.

ACEO Marine Mammals
Originals of these images have all SOLD.

Here is a selection of marine mammals for 2008 -  dolphins, orcas and my newest additions humpback whales.  I love the majesty of the humpbacks and the songs they sing.  One of the rarest whales in the world is the pure white mature humpback male, 'Migaloo'.  He lives with his family members and has been seen off the coast of Tasmania to Northern Queensland, Australia.  He is truly a magical leviathan!

Rare white humpback whale - Eastern Australia Pod
Double size (3.5'' x 5.0'')

ACEO's The Joy of Marine Mammals
Originals of these images have all SOLD

ACEO - A Mother's Love
"Mother and Fox Kit" Colleen K Carrigan 2006

Raccon and Tree Frog
"Sweet Encounter" by Colleen K Carrigan

Little stinker in the forest
"Skunk 'n' Moth" Colleen K Carrigan 2007

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