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At home in the trees
"Pileated Woodpecker" Colleen K Carrigan 2006

Here is a selection of some of my bird paintings.  Since October, 2005 when I began paintings ACEO's (art cards - editions and originals), I have discovered that birds are one of my favorite subjects for miniatures. Throughout the year, birds daily visit the feeders that we have located for their convenience and our viewing pleasure.  It is so fun to watch how the nuthatches and chickadees compete and communicate with one another.  And from March - September the hummingbirds are such a joy to see as they dash about busily feeding and defending territories.  During the colder months in the Pacific Northwest - I spend many hours painting tropical birds - it really brightens the days!  All the original images on this page were painted in watercolor (2.5" x 3.5").

ACEO Song birds
Originals of these paintings have all SOLD

The Magic of Crows and Ravens
Originals of these paintings have all SOLD

For the Love of Owls
Owls are a such wonderful birds.  Those big wisdom filled eyes and barn owls make intriguing subjects to photograph, sketch and paint. What beautiful birds these ghostly faced owls are. 

Barn Owl
"Of Night and Day" by Colleen K Carrigan (c) 2011

Night Ghost - Barn Owl
"Among the Stars" by Colleen K Carrigan (c) 2011


These jewels of the air are always a pleasure to see.  Rufous humming- birds arrive every year as the first blooms of the

winter currant open, usually around St. Patrick's Day. The Anna's hummingbird resides in the Pacific Northwest year round. 


Song Birds

Did you know that a crow is considered a song bird?  They are very vocal and communicate with one another throughout the day.  We have a resident crow that caws for us to bring him food (when the feeder is sparse).  Crows also let us know when the eagles are nearby.  As many as 20 - 40+ crows will dive and harass the bald eagles as they rest in a tree, fish or soar over the nearby bay.

Ever watchful - 'Alert'
"Male Goldfinch" Colleen K Carrigan 2008

Enjoying a taste of the sun
"Chickadee 'n' Sunflower Colleen K Carrigan 2007

ACEO Hummingbirds
Originals of these paintings have all SOLD

Tropical Birds
Bright bold colors make painting tropical birds an energizing and fun experience. 

ACEO's - Colors that sing
Originals of these paintings have all SOLD.

Baby sun conure
"Sunny" Colleen K Carrigan 2008

Emperor Penguins
These wonderful birds have such a devoted and challenged existence on the harshest continent of the world.  I love painting the striking contrast of black and white in animals and penguins are just naturally a perfect subject.

ACEO's - Emperor Penguins in Antarctica
Originals of these paintings have all SOLD

Hummingbird ACEO
''Hummingbird Sipping Nectar'' Colleen K Carrigan 2007

Color at rest
"Anna's Hummingbird" Colleen K Carrigan 2006

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