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In Memory of a Beautiful Lady
"Sandtiger in the Shallows" watercolor Colleen K Carrigan 2008

A love of sharks led me to study them and communicate with shark biologists and photographers worldwide beginning in my teenage years.  I learned a great deal about these wonderful creatures and about patience.  As of this year, 2010 – I have made four magical journeys to Queensland, Australia where my dearest friend, Jim McKay (biologist and photographer) lives.  Our communication has progressed from airmail to email, phone calls and trans Pacific visits over the past 30 years.  And I often use a touch of helpful advice and photos that Jim provides, for my miniatures. 
After receiving my BS in Biology, I worked in the aquarium field for over a decade and spent a lot of time with captive tropical species.  Several research projects were designed and conducted using sharks as the subjects.  One study involved the operant conditioning of a female sandtiger fondly named “Mama”.  She was taught to touch a target and have a buzzer sounded then receive a food reward.  She did very well on her trials with 88% success.   She was truly a beautiful shark and taught her care takers well - this gallery is dedicated in her memory -  'Swim free beautiful lady'.  The ACEO’s on this page were created in acrylic or watercolor. 

The Beauty of Sharks
All ACEO's are acrylic by Colleen K Carrigan 2006 - 2007 "Great White" from photo by Jim McKay

A few 'words of vision' by Jim McKay regarding the pelagic predators he has spent years photographing and observing in their world.
Great White Shark and Porbeagle Shark

“She silently appears from the dark gloom like a spectral juggernaut of destruction.  The epitome of all that is powerful, swift, cunning and lethally magnificent - She is the Great White Shark”.  Jim McKay  2008

Supreme Predator
4" x 6" watercolor and ink Colleen K Carrigan 2008

Powerful and swift
"Magnificent Predator" watercolor and ink 3.5''x5.0'' Colleen K Carrigan 2008

Majestic Predator
"Great White Shark" watercolor and ink (from photo by Jim McKay) Colleen K Carrigan 2008

Salmon Shark relative of the Great White
Porbeagle "Swift Predator" by Colleen K Carrigan (c) 2011

"MAKO" is Polynesian for shark
"Long, sleek and deadly, the Mako always appears to me to be set on a hair trigger ready to burst into action in less than a heartbeat.  You never ever take your eyes off the Mako, not even for a moment.  Like most wild creatures, the shark is an opportunist.  The Mako is more so the epitome of opportunism."   Jim McKay   2008

The predator personified
"MAKO" watercolor and ink (from photo by Jim McKay) Colleen K Carrigan 2008

Oceanic Whitetip Shark

They are enigmatic and alluring with the grace of a prima ballerina – because of their huge dorsal and pectoral fins and incredible gracefulness, they remind me of ‘Angels of the deep’.  Jim McKay   2008

Pelagic predator gliding in blue water
"Oceanic Whitetip" acrylic Colleen K Carrigan 2006

Angel of the deep
"Oceanic Whitetip with Pilot Fish" acrylic Colleen K Carrigan 2006

Pelagic Predator Cruising
Oceanic Whitetip "Open Ocean" Colleen K Carrigan 2008

Great Hammerhead
“She magically slips into your view – no fuss or threatening gestures.  She is just there, watching, ever alert and ready to react to the slightest provocation.  She is the Great Hammerhead, denizen of the open sea and predator supreme.”  Jim McKay (c) 2010

Great Hammerhead Shark
"Great Hammerhead" watercolor and ink Colleen K Carrigan 2010

Hammerhead Shark
"On the Prowl" 2.5" x 3.5" Colleen K Carrigan 2010

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