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Miniature Art
Tuxedo Kitty 'The Joy of Tulips'

Enjoying a beautiful spring in the Pacific Northwest - it's a creative time in the studio!

Under the Sea Dolphin Kisses
Original Watercolor Paintng by Kathryn L Bronstad 2010


Kathryn's Art

Kathryn's Blog

Welcome to Coral2Cove Studio Gallery ~ home of Artists: Colleen K Carrigan and my daughter, Kathryn L Bronstad.

Please check out Kathryn's art - she has completed her first year of college and continues to produce and sell her beautiful art cards.  Kathryn plans to become a veterinary technician to help animals and pursue her artistic passion as a freelance artist.


Hello, my name is Colleen K Carrigan and as a naturalist/artist, I have devoted many years to animal behavior studies and nature observations.  Paintings that I produce include: realistic representations of flora, fauna, seascapes, landscapes and fantasy renderings.  My subjects range across nature.  I create works in watercolor and archival inks as well as acrylic and occasionally graphite.  I thoroughly enjoy producing miniature art cards - ACEO's.  All the original art work for this site is 2.5" x 3.5'' unless otherwise noted. 

 ACEO's (Art Cards - Editions and Originals)  are miniature treasures and are trade card size 2.5'' x 3.5''.  They are an affordable way to own original art - collect them, trade them and create them!  Find ACEO's on eBay. 

For many years, my work as a biologist involved the husbandry of tropical sharks in a marine research center.  Blending my science education and artistic talent has been a magical experience for me.   My Gallery name: coral2cove was derived from one of my favorite locations on the Coral Sea to a quaint little cove (Pirate's Cove) in a small bay of Puget Sound across from where our royal kitty resides.

My Queensland Studio - I have enjoyed many hours (four journeys since 1996) in the lush tropical region of Northern Queensland, Australia.  I love creating art from the variety of flora and fauna represented in this unique area of the world.  With the Great Barrier Reef just offshore and the beautiful mangroves and rainforests to explore, it truly is paradise.

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Living near Puget Sound gives me the opportunity to occasionally view marine mammals.  Orcas are one of my favorite subjects.  These toothed whales reside and feed on salmon in the Sound.

Orca Whale
"Ocean Freedom" ACEO by Colleen K Carrigan 2011

Impressions from the Studio:
The largest tree frog in the world lives in Queensland; the white-lipped tree frog can reach 12 centimeters (about 5 inches) in length.  This painting combines two of my favorite subjects in a surreal theme "Big Pond Dreaming": the big pond being, of course, the Pacific Ocean. 
Here is a fun webcam that I visit often.  It's near my Queensland Studio.  Take a tour of Cairns.   Note: the time difference is 18 hours ahead of Pacific Time - so if the screens are black it's probably night time; but you can scroll through to see the lights of the city.

Green Tree Frog and Great White Shark
"Big Pond Dreaming" ACEO by Colleen K Carrigan 2010

Cairns, Australia
What a beautiful day.

A Very Special Kitty
Kiki "I'm Ready for my Bath" by Kathryn L Bronstad (c) 2012

Tabby Cat
"Sunnyside Up" Kathryn L Bronstad 2010

Our 16 Year old Kitty
Cherokee "The Vintage Cat" by Kathryn L Bronstad (c) 2012

Tabby Kitten
"Clean-up Time" Kathryn L Bronstad 2010

Royal kitty
"Prince Kraven of Pirate's Cove" Colleen K Carrigan 2008

Tropical flora and fauna
"Frog, Lily and Dragonfly" Colleen K Carrigan 2008

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